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Custom Page
When you host your music on the iSong Card platform, you create your very own custom artist page. The custom artist page allows you to write a bio, upload pictures, upload and manage your songs and albums, and list your upcoming events. There is even a section for bonus material like poster art, and videos! Click to zoom in on the sample custom artist page above to see an example of how your page can look.
Custom Page
iSong Card promoters receive their own custom landing page with a company logo on it. Placing orders for iSong Card is a breeze! Simply send us your purchase order and artwork for the iSong Cards, and we send you an Activation code. The Activation code is passed on to the Artist with a link to your Custom landing Page. That's it! The Artist maintains full control of their Account Management, song uploads, and their custom artist page(which is what the artist wants - control)! The cards can be delivered to the promoter, or can even be drop-shipped to the customer directly. And, every time the Artist logs into their Account, they will see your logo and your contact information for future reorders. Promoters are valued and are protected by iSong Card.