Danny Nix
Compromise (3.24)
Fastlane (2.21)
The Answers (4.11)
What You Wanted (3.18)
Mirrors (3.45)
Bus Stop Vixen (2.54)
Crash and Burn (4.01)
When it's Over (3.51)
Soul (5.01)
Consequences (4.05)
Villians (3.20)
Danny Nix
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It's amazing what a south-western Ontario farming community will do for a small boy, and his influences. That's exactly what Danny Nix experienced growing up as an adopted minority in the early eighties. From a young age Danny had emerging musical talents, studing piano at the age of 4 and making up his own songs by the age of 8.

Growing up in the country, all Danny's influences were iether rock and roll or country. Moving to the big city gave this singer/songwriter a much broader view of the music scene, and he was quickly motivated to cultivate everything he knew and mix it with the new sounds that were pulsating throughout the city.

Since 2000, Danny Nix has been writing, performing and searching for a mentor. He finally found it, in other songwriter who gave him the advice that would change his budding carrer. The best thing about mentor is he/she aren't afraid to tell you what they think, and it was the first time Dany Nix had been really challenged when it came to his song writing, but he took the criticism and harsh words, and learned from it.

Three years later, Danny found a producer that not only understood his direction, but also understood his music and the sound Danny was looking for. For once, he felt like he had a solid direction, and a producer that fully understood and support him. The two of them worked together for a year before they had a sound that they were sure would get people talking.

Now in 2007, with a nearly completed album and a video in the works, getting people talking is no longer a far-off dream. Now the question is where the next ten years are going to take him; "...I will always fight and work for what I believe in, even if there are others trying to hold me back", says Danny "I think you should follow your own path, it's just up to you how far you follow it..."
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Dec 25, 2025 @ 10:00 AM
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Danny Nix
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