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Collection II
Live Peacefully (3:27)
This is the Lamb (3:30)
There is a light (3:04)
One Last Gift (5:19)
Thank you Lord (2:33)
Love Live with You (3:16)
Stand before the Lord (4:36)
Lord's Prayer (1:35)
Taste and See (3:31)
On My Way (3:56)
John the Baptist (3:48)
Stranger in Town (3:35)
Anima Christi (3:11)
Now that I've Seen You (3:47)
Save Me, Use Me (3:35)
When the Seed is Planted (2:48)
Expectations (2:33)
Am I Strong Enough (4:30)
We Believe in the One (2:08)
Love is Patient (2:53)
The Web of Life (3:27)
The Golden Rule (2:48)
Dan Smith
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